Don't Scrap Your Soffit Or Gutters... Paint Them!

May 10, 2018

The hot and humid Florida weather along with our proximity to the salty ocean really puts some wear and tear on the parts of our home that are made of aluminum. While aluminum doesn't rust, it does corrode and get scratched over time as debris flies through the air in storms.


As you look outside and see the worn look it has taken on, you may begin to think of how expensive it's going to be to replace it all. Your pool cage was installed 10 years ago and your gutters were on the house long before you even bought it. You get a quote from a contractor to replace them with new ones and can't believe how expensive the estimate is. All you want is for your home to look nice without costing an arm and a leg...


Well, there is a better option that most people don't think of that both improves the look of your home and protects the aluminum from future wear and tear. Paint!


Now, you don't want to use the same kind of paint you would use on the walls of your home. A special type of paint must be used that is specifically made for metal fixtures. This paint can be applied without priming but still requires proper preparation to work correctly. This is where a professional painter comes in. Once applied, the paint will not only rejuvenate the aluminum but it will create a hard exterior that will protect it as well.


While the paint is more expensive than common house paint, it is still much much cheaper than replacing your gutters, soffit and especially your pool cage.


If you have been considering replacing any of these aluminum parts of your home, we recommend you reconsider. 


Contact us today for a free estimate. We promise it'll be much cheaper than the one you got to have new ones installed!




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