Brush...Roll...Spray... What's The Best Way?

May 31, 2018


When it comes to the idea of painting your home, you probably visualize gallon paint buckets, assorted brushes, paint trays and rollers on long handles. Well, these visualizations are true when it comes to the traditional method of painting. These methods are still commonly used, especially in smaller areas or harder to access places. However, when it comes to a large scale job, such as the entire exterior of your home, a simple brush and roller isn't the most effective route to take. New-age paint sprayers have truly changed the painting game when it comes to efficiency. When used properly, they provide a unique set of benefits that can't be matched by traditional methods. These benefits include:


-Time Saver: A high quality sprayer can get the job done up to 3 times as fast as just using a roller. This can turn a 2 day job into a bit more than a half day job.


-Even Coats- A steady hand with the sprayer leaves perfectly even coats that aren't too thin or thick. This benefit is two fold, and leads us into the next perk.


-Less Paint- Sprayers are highly efficient and lead to very little wasted paint. In turn, you save on the total cost by not having to worry about dumping big buckets into trays and having the paint dry out and get wasted.


-No Dripping: While rollers can tend to oversaturate where you first place them and cause dripping as they are pressed onto the wall, sprayers don't have this problem.




Now, the downside to sprayers is that not many people have ever used them before and they can be a bit tricky to learn to use. Also, a good quality one (we use and recommend the Graco brand) can be a pricey investment. 


Since painting your home isn't a regular thing (most people do it once every 6-8 years), it may be your best bet to get a professional to get the job done. Our team uses the highest quality sprayers in the industry. We also bring along brushes and rollers as well to get the more delicate work done.







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