Why Marketing Matters: From A Local Business Owner

June 7, 2018

You may be wondering why a painting company is blogging about marketing...


Well, after running our painting business successfully in Cape Coral and Fort Myers area over the last few years, I felt I needed to share a few things with the fellow business owners of our community.


We have painted a multitude of businesses over the years ranging from local restaurants to franchises with a big brand name attached to them. Regardless of


the size of the business, the goal is the same; sell more. I hear it all the time when walking a commercial site and planning an estimate. The conversation is deeper than "what color do you want and where". These business owners are hard working people who are constantly looking for answers in the world of advertising and marketing. Sure, in some cases repainting the business may be a matter of necessity due to age or wear, but often times it's the business looking for a way to change things up and stay current in an ever growing market.


I have personally lived in Southwest Florida my entire life and to say this area has grown quickly is an understatement. The amount of new businesses and new homes that have come into our area over the last 15 years in truly extraordinary and has led to intense competition. I've seen many businesses boom and grow to new heights, but with that I have seen dozens more have to close their doors.


While it is unfortunate that these businesses had to close, it helps us understand the importance of a clear and efficient marketing strategy if we want to enjoy long term success.


To each business, the mediums they use to advertise and the message they choose to use will vary widely. But no matter the industry, there are core components of marketing that each business must encompass.



The American Marketing Association (AMA) defines these components as:


1. Creating offers that have value to customers


2. Communicating those offerings to customers and learning from them


3. Delivering the offerings to customers in a way that maximizes value


4. Exchanging: trading value for those offerings



You can read more from the AMA here:





In our local market, it's especially important to make connections within our community in order to be successful. Since we are a seasonal market, the offers our businesses must present change over time. Our older customers coming from up north have different expectations than our local residents and we must learn to cater our message to fit each of their respective needs. The medium we use to connect with these different demographics also plays a vital role in the success of the marketing campaign.


For example, older customers tend to respond better to older more traditional forms of advertising such as TV, radio and even newspapers (mostly digital newspapers these days). While on the other hand, the younger to middle-age demographic rely heavily on social media ads, in-app ads and search engine marketing to influence their decisions.


As a business it is important to utilize multiple forms of advertising in order to target the proper customers. We must also learn to evolve with the times. I've heard many older businessmen and women say that they have done things a certain way for years and refuse to try new things. This is a grave mistake that will eventually run a business into the ground.


If you don't know much about marketing, there are plenty of companies and even freelance marketers in our area that understand our local market and how to connect your business with new customers. It is very important that if you aren't confident with your current strategy that you re-evaluate and seek professional help as soon as possible. 






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