Peak Hurricane Season Is Coming, Waterproof Your Home Now

August 20, 2018

If last year showed our community anything, it's that all hurricanes are different and they can bring a variety of problems. The most talked about danger is usually the wind and everyone gets focused on ensuring their shutters are up to protect windows and doors. However, the danger that often gets overlooked is the impact that the water has on our homes and businesses.


When the storm is blowing the rain completely sideways, the water is blasting the walls of structures and is able to penetrate small openings with ease. Hairline cracks in the stucco and thin old paint leave the walls vulnerable to absorbing moisture which compromises their structural integrity and can lead to other problems such as mold growth or foundation issues. These problems are very expensive to fix and the preventative measure is a much cheaper option; waterproof sealant.


If you aren't familiar with how an exterior sealant works, let me explain.


The sealant goes on top of your current paint, as a clear coat, and completely covers any small holes, cracks or areas of paint that are worn down. The sealant deeply penetrates into the porous surfaces the walls are made of and will prevent any water from being absorbed by the concrete/stucco. It must be sprayed onto the walls in very even coats and at the right pace to ensure proper sealing. 


Not only does the sealant protect your home, it can also enhance the look of the paint if it has begun to get that chalky look to it. Since it acts similar to how a clear coat would on a car, it helps to revive the color and give it that glossy look again. 


With the peak of Hurricane season approaching quickly (Sept 1st-Oct 31st), there is no better time than now to make the move to protect your home beyond what your shutters can do. Keep it safe from wind, and water!




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