To Paint Or Not To Paint

October 24, 2018

While the majority of our customer requests and interior or exterior walls of homes and businesses, we do get a wide variety of people looking to paint more unique areas. So, we thought it might be helpful to list out some of our top requests and explain why you should or shouldn't paint certain parts of your home or business.





1. Garage Floor: Yes.


Painting your garage floor is a great way to make old stained concrete come look like brand new again. A special type of paint is used that is resistant to moisture and heat that also seals the concrete and protects it from any water intrusion. We recommend a slightly darker grey since your car may drip fluids over time which will stain lighter colors more easily.



2. Driveway: Not Recommended


While it's not necessarily unsafe to paint your driveway, it can make it more slick and leave you prone to slip and falls during our rainy season. If you do decide to paint it, we highly recommend using texturized paint which essentially adds a grittiness at application to prevent the slickness. The other downside is wear and tear. Most people are driving their cars on and off the driveway every single day. Lighter colors will show tire marks, dirt and oils very easily while darker colors will still get worn down and faded in a short period of time. You will more than likely have to repaint it at least once a year if you want to keep it looking new.



3. Kitchen/Bathroom Cabinets: Most of the time, yes!


While there are some cabinets that don't hold paint on the surface very well, the majority of them can be painted and provide a much cheaper way to add a new style to your home. This is actually one of our most common jobs, besides interior and exterior walls. Kitchen cabinets newly painted in white are very popular right now and provide quite a bit of "pop" when paired with light or dark countertops.



4. Gutters: Yes


Painting your gutters has 2 inherent benefits; looks and protection. Painting them white or another color that accents the color of your exterior can provide quite the wow factor. Your gutters run all the way across the top of your home which means they will stand out more than you would think. Also, by using a special type of paint, you can seal any small cracks or leaks and prevent future ones as well. This leaves your gutters working at full capacity and protects the rest of your home from water trickling where it shouldn't.



5. Outdoor Patio Pavers/Pool Deck: Absolutely


Pavers and pool decks are prone to being walked on, rained on, scuffed, stained and more. Over time they can accumulate mold/mildew that leaves an unfavorable black or green stained look. It is important to pressure wash the area first to remove as much dirt and mold as possible. Once again, we would recommend a special texturized paint, especially around pools, to prevent injury. Once the paint is applied and dries, an extra sealant can also be placed on top of it to protect the paint and keep it lasting longer. 



There are many things you can paint in your home to give it a fresh new look and provide further protection. If you are unsure of how to paint something in particular or just want to know more, contact us for our professional opinion and we would be happy to help you come up with the best solution possible.

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